NETS: Necessary Equipping in Truth Series

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Course Instructor

The instructor for each of the courses is Lloyd C. Phillips. He is the director of Fellow Laborers' International Network (FLInt Net; - a network of churches, ministries, and intercessors dedicated to equipping the saints for the work of the ministry. Lloyd presently resides in Missoula, Montana, where he is senior minister of the FLInt Net church. Lloyd has been teaching, preaching, and leading others into the empowerments of the Holy Spirit for more than twenty years. He travels and teaches extensively around the globe, establishing God's apostolic order and principles. He is an active member of his city's ministerial association and other ministerial and apostolic networks. These include the Missoula Christian Network, the Morningstar Fellowship of Ministries, and the International Coalition of Apostles. The subjects taught in the Fellow Laborers' discipleship program include: the manifestations of speaking in tongues and prophecy, the gifts of healing, word of knowledge and word of wisdom, organized prayer walking through local towns and cities in Montana and neighboring states, and concentrated teaching on spiritual mapping and spiritual warfare. The overarching desire of Lloyd's ministry is that what is imparted may be passed on to those who will teach others also (2 Timothy 2:2). The board members of the FLInt Net have a burning desire to see the kingdom of God extended.

Introduction to NETS

NETS is an acronym for "Necessary Equipping in Truth Series." It is a series of courses designed to help accomplish the biblical mandate to disciple the Church (Matt 28:19) and to "equip and perfect the body of believers" (Eph 4:11,12). The NETS program was conceived to fulfill a need for a workable and flexible training approach that could be adapted to virtually any situation. The need for instruction in the basic foundations of the Christian life in order to promote spiritual growth among those in the Church has never been greater. There is an ever growing demand for those who can minister the gospel and we believe that need will only increase. Yet, in many portions of the Body of Christ, discipleship is not available or is occurring too slowly to keep up with the demand for "workers for the harvest." We see the need for foundational truths to be accurately imparted in our world - truths such as scriptural knowledge and interpretation, how to grow spiritually, discipline, how to pray effectually, how to increase faith and commitment, compassion, integrity, ministry, leadership, and many other spiritual foundations. It is our intention that a student taking these courses could progress from the new birth, to a disciple in Christ, and on their way toward stewardship in the Kingdom in a relatively short period of time.

What is the NETS program?

The NETS program is a series of three audio cassette (or CD) courses. Each course consists of twelve sessions, each approximately an one hour in length. The courses are designed to be led by an individual who would recruit and coordinate students to listen and study each session in a suitable environment. This individual would set the schedule and work with people to receive the most they can from the material. If there are scheduling conflicts, the leader must be willing and able to re-run sessions for students. The courses are "self contained" and do not require the instructor to "re-teach" the material. Each course comes with a student manual that provides the verses referenced as well as high lights of the teaching and some questions to provoke thoughtful listening. Learning is an inter-active endeavor, and students are encouraged to be involved. The courses are designed to both "teach and do." Activities include praying for individuals, communion, manifesting the gifts of the Holy Spirit, interpretation of tongues, operation of word of knowledge, prophecy, and other disciplines.

The NETS training is designed to be administered in a group setting. We believe that there is a Kingdom principle of multiplied grace through community (Deut 32:30, Matt 18:20) which is embraced when we come together in a common purpose to seek the Lord. Due to the amount of information, and the desire to equip efficiently and effectively, it is required that each session within a course build upon the previous one. It is possible for an individual to take any of the courses more than once before progressing to another course level. This is in fact encouraged. However, courses are designed to be completed in proper order before the student may advance to next level course.

NETS courses

The available courses are: The Believers' Foundation, Disciples of the Lord Jesus, and Stewards of the Mysteries of God.

A fourth course, Ministers of the Gospel, is available for groups of individuals who have completed the audio courses. It is designed to be taught live, with local leadership, and will also contain approximately twelve hours of hands-on teaching with the instructor or a member of the FLInt Net apostolic team. The purpose of this final course is to release ministers into the harvest field. This experience may include commissioning, sending, licensing, or, perhaps, ordination, as the Holy Spirit leads.


There is no fee for NETS training. However, freewill offerings are accepted and bring blessings to the giver and the FLInt Net. In the first course we suggest that an offering be given by the sponsoring ministry directly. For the second and third courses we suggest that an offering be received from the students themselves as part of the learning and growing process.

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