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Grace To You

by Lloyd Phillips

Grace to You “Grace to you, and peace, from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ” are familiar words to any one who has ever read Paul’s epistles. As a matter of fact all of his epistles begin with this salutation, as do Peter’s letters, and two of John’s. It would seem that each […]


by Lloyd Phillips

RECEIVING & DELIVERING A PROPHETIC WORD Well, praise God. Here we are again and we’re going to continue with the series on growing in the prophetic and tonight I want to talk about receiving a prophetic word and delivering a prophetic word. How can we help to receive from God and know when we are […]


by Lloyd Phillips

SUBMISSION vs. CONTROL Praise God here we are again. I want to continue here on our series on growing in the prophetic. Tonight really, I’ve not shared what I need to share tonight in its fullness and I doubt that anybody could share it in one sitting but I think what we have to get […]