I have felt the Lord encouraging me to tell a little about what He has been revealing to me since about 1997 having to do with certain doors which He is opening. Recently the short article I wrote called “Signs in the Heavens” has precipitated a number of responses on the numbers 444, and 222, among others. I am often hesitant to share pieces of my testimony as they seem too fantastic for some to believe. Also I am not a sensationalist so I often keep spectacular things to myself for long periods of time. What I am about to share is a personal testimony, and is only a portion of the story. I share it now as I feel encouraged of the Lord that releasing the information now will help great numbers of people whom He has been speaking to in similar ways. When we learn from one another, time progresses forward orderly. Here is my 444 story as it has been unfolding since 1997.

In Sept of 1997 I was at a retreat in N.C. for ministries in the MorningStar Fellowship of Ministries. I received a number of significant prophetic words at that time. One said “I saw a big gun coming to Montana – the gun is going to be a prophetic voice”. Separately I received “ God wants you to have a big gun, a 3-0-8, that’s a big gun. Rev 3:08 is a big gun and many are going to be called through that door. Your opportunity is that you are going to go through it now, your going to go and prepare the way”….

Rev 3:08 says in part “”I know your works. See, I have set before you an open door, and no one can shut it”.

It is interesting that since this day the Lord has chosen to speak to me with numbers that also signify rifle or pistol calibers. 444, 222, and 308 are all rifle calibers or “big guns” if you will. I believe that the word about the open door was at least in part speaking of our ministry the FLInt Net which was scheduled to be released/birthed Jan 1 1998, just a few months later. Not many months after this I was traveling with a team of our fellow laborer’s to another city in the Pacific North West to minister. As I carried my luggage up the side walk to the house where we were to stay an angel came down and opened the door before me. This was in broad daylight, and right in front of our entire team. Needless to say, I desired some time to seek the Lord to see what this might mean. I felt He was confirming His words “there is a door before you which no man can shut” in a very dramatic way.

It was after this event that the Lord woke me by audibly knocking on my bedroom door at exactly 4:44 in the morning. Immediately upon waking I thought of Rev 3:20 – “20 “Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me”.

I shared this experience with our congregation the next time we met. As it turned out a number of people had been receiving the number 4:44, one in a vision saw these numbers on a door. Another one was woken up early to read the bible, and as he read Rev 3:20, the Lord had him note the time, it was 4:44 (he was on a business trip in another time zone at that time). We realized the Lord was again speaking to us about a door. It is interesting that the fourth letter in the Hebrew alphabet is called the Deleth, which means, and is the symbol for, “Door”. So in my mind the Lord was confirming at least three doors to come.

We immediately began to pray what we had been given, that the Lord would no longer stand at the door and knock, but that he would come in and sup with us. Even more we prayed that He would let us know what He wanted served on that table as we wanted to serve Him something He would want to receive – something to cause Him to want to stay when He came. We especially prayed that He would choose to bring us not a visitation, but a habitation. We prayed for wisdom on what to “serve” Him that would cause us to become a habitation.

There was an increased anointing in our meetings almost immediately, but I continued to seek the Lord for the answer to my question. He began to wake me at 2:22. One morning I got up and drove down to the building we were to move our church meetings into that evening for the first time, and there prayed. The Lord spoke 1 Sam 22:2 into my spirit. This was one of the foundational scriptures for our equipping ministry concerning David meeting all who were in distress, discontented, etc, and training them up into an army as they made him their captain at the cave of Adullam. Since this was both a “big gun”, as well as half of 444 I felt it was the next door he was revealing on how to build a habitation which he would remain in when He came to sup.

A few months later it was Jan of 2000 and I was in North Carolina again, and went to lunch on a Sunday afternoon with Rick Joyner. We went to a restaurant, and by God’s design ran into Bob Jones and others who were also out for Sunday lunch, and had saved two seats, “in case Rick came by with someone”, he said. Bob began to speak about a number of things. One which really caught my attention was a birthing which was to take place around Pentecost of that year, which was the time of our Spring apostolic and prophetic conference. He said it would be the birthing of a door which would be a 222 door. It would be the door in Eph 2:22 – “In whom ye also are builded together for an habitation of God through the Spirit”. I felt this was my second 222, door, and it was the answer to our prayer of becoming a habitation, not just a place of visitation. This was very exciting. He was saying that there was a door of opportunity to equip the saints into a army of God, helping anyone with a heart to be trained and equipped into a habitation of God!

This past Sept. (2000) I was again able to spend a little time with Bob Jones. This time I was able to share with him how the Lord woke me up with the knock on my door at 4:44, and how his 2:22 word had blessed us. He began to speak – “I bet you think the knock on the door was Rev 3:20 – behold I stand at the door and knock, don’t ya! (Of course I did), But before you can get to Rev 3:20 you have to go through Rev 3:19, which says He chastens whom he loves before He comes to them”. So he said that I undoubtably had been in that type of period since He had knocked on my door. He then gave me another 222 – which was Rev 22:2 which is a promise of fruit every month! That afternoon Bob began to prophecy that the Lord was going to begin giving many people 444’s. It appears that this is happening and perhaps this testimony will help to bring encouragement to others who are receiving this word from the Lord.

I believe the current signs in the heavens are being matched by certain signs in the earth for a reason. I can’t help but believe that something of a very important nature is about to happen. I pray that we learn from the Lord, and from the past, and do not miss the time of our visitation (Luke 19:44).

© Lloyd C. Phillips, The Fellow Laborers’ International Network (FLInt Net)