The Five-Fold Cycle

Hidden For Such A Time – Esther Part 2

Hidden For Such A Time – Esther Part 1

Resurrection Day Events

Stepping Out of Time Part 2

Stepping Out of Time Part 1

Worship the Lord

The Spirit of Christ – Study of 1 John

Adoption of Sons, The Great Mystery

The Greatest Is Love – The Garment of the Lord

Righteous Foundations – Back To Your Future

Prophetic Accountability

I Will Show You Things To Come

Jesus Our Passover Lamb

Bondservants –  The Timing of the Book

The Beatitudes of Revelation, Who Has Ears to Hear

The Seven Churches Of Revelation

The Book Of Revelation – Not A Spirit Of Fear

Unveiling Revelation

The Last Days, Christ and AntiChrist

Preparing For The Season

Seven Judgements

Hearing The Voice Of God Part 2

Hearing The Voice Of God Part 1

A Short Fast Apostolic Message On The Apostle Ministry

Apostle John and Diotrephes Today

Doctrine Of Lesser Magistrates

Look Behind To See Ahead

The Mystery Kept From Generations

Laws Of The Spirit Of Life In Christ Jesus

Gods Clothing

Caleb It’s The Fight In The Dog

The Accused Steward

Reliance Upon Devine Providence

Demonstrations Of The Spirit And Power

Spirit of Elijah the Prophets and the Fathers

Judging Prophecy


Birth Of Jesus The Lamb O God

The Battle That Must Be Won

Changing History Through Prayer

Worshippers To Warriors


Revolution, the Sword and the Towel

Diotrephes In Government – De-masking Authority



Resurrection Reality
Diotrephes & Nicolaitan Spirits

Keys Over Pandemic

As He Is Encounter Weekend

Blessed Is The Nation