This photo was sent to me the day after I had this dream

Eagle Standard with Broken Left Wing

In a dream last night I saw an American eagle on what looked like a map on a portion of a globe. It was brown, like paper used on old maps. What would have been states had indistinct lines, but they were not distinguished by different colors as you often see on maps. I saw the eagle standing on this looking west and it had it’s left wing tied or paralyzed to it’s side and could not lift it to fly or easily position. From the west over the horizon came a great red dragon, serpent-like with a dragon face. Clearly this was America facing China, and China was deadly and looked so much more powerful. I was shocked and began to pray wondering how could the eagle win, but it had resolve, and was able to spread it’s right wing and have balance and I saw the dragon was actually terrified even as it attacked and I believe it was wounded, although this was not obvious. I thought the eagle only has to wait and have one good well-placed strike on the dragon’s head as it strikes and it will kill it. The dragon may have known this too as it hesitated to strike, but weaved it’s head and body all around threateningly but not striking. The dream ended and I was praying. One thing I prayed for was that the eagle could miraculously grow a new left wing. I know eagles molt feathers like all birds, but this wing seemed to need more than new feathers, a whole wing replacement.

This photo was sent to me the day after I had this dream by an friend. The photograph was taken after an intercessor friend went into the office of her Marine husband and saw the eagle standard with the left wing broken off, seemingly beyond repair needing to be replaced.