Justice above Judges

On the night of Dec 2, 2018 I dreamt that I was with President Trump in the oval office. We had just finished up a meeting with him with a group of prophetic people who were with me (my guests). Before I left the office out of one door, another door opened to receive the next group of people. At this point the President told me to pour a drink from a pitcher* which was on a table in front of he and I. I poured it carefully from the pitcher into a tall crystal glass – and although I was careful it bubbled over – it was filled to overflowing. It was a pitcher of spirits. As I finished pouring it into the glass, the group entered and it was a group of judges. The group was led by Chief Justice Roberts. I immediately spoke up (I could not stop myself – it was a prophetic utterance or proclamation by the spirit – not through my mind – Hebrew = Nabi). I shared that “there are differences in judges and many judges have overstepped the bounds of the Constitution, ‘including you Chief Justice Roberts’. Legislating from the bench has been allowed for too long – and as the judges are happy to put limits on the other branches of government, the Constitution put limits on you judges! While they think they are appointed for life. In reality the Constitution says they are appointed for ‘good behavior’ [I had to confirm this with the US Constitution, and what I said in the dream is correct] and the time is here to recognize legislating from the bench is unconstitutional and constitutes ‘bad behavior’! It is time that legislating from the bench is used as a reason impeach and remove judges that overstep the Constitutional bounds.” I was a bit shocked and I apologized to the president for speaking out of turn. He looked at me – and had a sparkle in his eye and a grin on his face. Then he said “Very good Lloyd, thank you, that was exceptional.”

I then had a second dream this same night. In this dream I was in a open air restaurant with modern settings and furniture – all white and shiny. A group of prophetic people were with me (as in the first dream). We were with Vice President Pence. He told me to pour a drink from a pitcher that was there and, as in the other dream, I poured from the pitcher into the same tall crystal glass. Again the spirits filled to overflowing even though I was being careful – trying not to overfill the glass – it overflowed exactly like the other dream, and because of this I remembered the earlier dream (in this dream). Then in this dream I then became excited about this and shared it with Vice President Pence the earlier dream. He was very happy to hear this and said “Very good Lloyd, thank you, that was exceptional.”

*Additional note on this dream. After I shared with a few trusted friends for judging (1 Cor 14:29) I was told that Dec 2 was the beginning of Hanukkah (second Sukkot) which coincided with the day that the High Priest would have taken a pitcher of water from the Pool of Siloam (Isaiah 12:3) and pour it onto the altar in the temple (this ceremony was called Simchat Bet Hasheavah). This gives more credence to this dream being confirmed by the spirit. It is something to be prayed about.

© Lloyd C. Phillips, The Fellow Laborers’ International Network (FLInt Net)