December 23, 2020
Its been about five years since we had President Trump as the Republican candidate for President, against all odds. I was not at first convinced about Trump as a potential president, I didn’t know a lot about him, and I was more aware of his philandering than this philanthropy. I knew we needed to do everything to win the presidency, as the stakes were so high. Yet I also felt that because they were so high the president might actually become a great president and be looked up to in generations to come. I was a bit concerned about what this could mean with my limited knowledge of Mr. Trump. As I prayed for some clarity and direction from the Lord I had a vision. I saw Donald Trump with General George Patton’s helmet on. It was at that pont that I realized Trump looks like Patton. I got to thinking how much I liked Patton, because he was a real warrior. Patton never lost a battle, and while the “establishment” generals sometimes hated him and maligned him, they were a bit intimidated by his prowess. He was considered the greatest threat by our enemies and considered the greatest general by them. He sometimes got himself in trouble – especially with the press – by not being “politically acceptable” with his words, which could be brash and too honest for the politicians and media. From this vison I realized that if Trump would be a president like Patton was a general I could absolutely support him. I might not recommend him to speak before a Sunday School class of children, but I most certainly would be happy for him to speak out and act to protect the Church as a whole and the Nation. Today we are looking back 76 years to the Battle of the Bulge, which was perhaps Patton’s finest hour. We are currently engaged in perhaps a more critical battle for freedom here at home right now and I pray we will look back on this time as a great victory and perhaps one of Trump’s finest hours.