Prophetic Words

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Sewing for a Harvest

by Lloyd Phillips

In a vision I saw myself sewing seed to my left and right as I walked forward. From above I could see the Lord come behind me as I went and gather some of the seed I have been sewing along the way. Then I saw him go before me and sew that seed that […]

“Is There Not A Cause?”

by Lloyd Phillips

December 21, 2016 Yesterday I awoke with the words “is there not a cause?” in my spiritual ear. These are the words that young David spoke to his brother who was questioning his interest in the threat to the army of God from Goliath. As I contemplated what this might mean I realized these were […]

11, 111, 11-11

by Lloyd Phillips

November 11, 2011 11, 111, 11-11 11-11-11 I t’s been a while since I have written on the numbers 11, 111 & 11 11 and I feel now – with the date 11-11-11 approaching – is a good time to revisit these. God communicates in various ways and in diverse manners. One way that he […]

Your sight and your vision.

by Lloyd Phillips

The other day I posted a quote from Helen Keller – “What would be worse than losing your sight? – Losing your vision.” A few hours after I posted this, while reading a book, I got something in my eye which really hurt, and kept me from seeing out of that eye. I had to […]

444, 222, 308

by Lloyd Phillips

444, 222, 308 The Lord often speaks to me in various ways which have implications beyond the actual words. Some years ago I learned that when He communicates to me through numbers which also happen to be the calibers for firearms, He is communicating about a door – which is an opportunity or a direction. […]